Winged Eyeliner – Step By Step

Since my last step by step post I had so much good feedback that I decided to create another. Eyeliner and winged eyeliner is so popular yet sometimes so hard to do on yourself, so, I hope that this step by step guide of how I like to do my winged eyeliner can help you!

The first step is to apply foundation and brows. I don’t usually like to set my foundation nor do my under eye concealer until after I’ve painted the wing just in case anything goes wrong.

Next I apply a primer all over the lid, I usually use the Urban Decay Original eyeshadow primer.

I blend this out with my fingers until its seamless and completely natural on the eyelid.

When it comes to eyeshadow, I like a very neutral colour. Most of the time I pick out a warm brown to apply in the crease and keep blending until its a very blown out wash of colour.

Instead of using a liquid liner across the whole lash line, I use my Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Pencil to line the lid.

Next, I map out the wing with my Bobbi Brown Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black. I draw this outwards from the corner of the lash line. This creates the point at the end.

Then it’s all about connecting the wing to the main black line I’ve drawn along the lash line. To do this I bring the line back inwards. Many people are tempted to try and connect the line by drawing it from the centre of the eye then outwards but this can make it look a little uneven. The easiest way to get the perfect wing is to bring the liner back into the eye.

Once the line is connected and you’re happy with it, then it’s time to fill in any blank spaces and gaps to finish. Make sure whenever you’re drawing your wing to not move or pull the eyelid straight, the moment you do this you’re changing the natural shape of your eye, so when you let go of the stretched out skin, it changes shape again!

To make a winged eyeliner more crisp and clean, I like to add a dark liner in the waterline too. Using the same long wear pencil that I initially lined my lid with, I fill in the waterline as well.

I’ve also cleaned up under my eye with my concealers, set with powder and then used the same eyeshadow I applied in the crease, under the eyes.

Time for mascara. This step finishes off the eye look perfectly, add your favourite mascara, coats and coats of it to lengthen your lashes!

Lastly, add your lashes! I used my favourite Eyelure Luxe Cashmere in the style No.4 to finish off.

I hope you enjoyed this step by step tutorial, I had so much fun creating this look, it’s so classic and timeless!

Melissa x

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