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The first thing on my mind when it comes to being on holiday is being on the beach – which means bikini’s. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love being on holiday and being in complete relaxation, so each year when we plan to fly out to a hot and sunny destination I tend to go on the hunt for some new swimwear. After exploring the shops by foot and scrolling through their websites, I nearly gave up, until I found inspiration from Instagram – where I hit the jackpot!

White Fox Boutique is an Australian based clothing brand, a brand that honestly creates the most amazing basic swimwear pieces I have ever tried. Their collection is broad, with the colours of their bikini’s ranging in different styles (both tops and bottoms) and also one-pieces to match. Sizing was a hard one as obviously I hadn’t had any experience with their clothing before, so it’s pretty much a guessing game. I found that regardless of the style, I’m a size S (small) in their bikini bottoms and a size M (medium) in their tops.

Styles and sizing…

Their style is quite cheeky. When I made my first order, I chose bikini tops in the size S and they did fit but they were a little too risky for my liking, so I thought I’d chance sizing up to ensure I had the most coverage (I’m quite small chested). However if you’re someone who’s looking for skimpy bikini’s to reduce the tan lines, this brand is exactly what you’re looking for! My absolute favourite part about this swimwear is the fabric. They’re not like normal bikini’s that can either go too see through or just feel like a thin piece of cloth (that pretty much reveals the outline of everything), this fabric is thick, supportive and extremely comfortable! In terms of the colour and style, they’re exactly the same as they look on the website which is so rare when shopping online. One of the best parts about this swimwear is that there are no labels, all of the information that’s needed on a label is actually printed on the fabric!

On to the swimwear…


I love the colour of this bikini, it’s a soft khaki green which looks amazing with a tan! The top I grabbed in this colour is the Amalfi Bikini Top  which was a pickle to try and get on because the back is a puzzle in itself. The majority of the tie up bikini tops can be tied in a multiple of different ways, which just made it harder to figure out! Once I did however, it was super comfortable. The bottoms were the Ibiza Bikini Bottoms which are the skimpiest ones I purchased because of the ruched material on the back. 


This bikini set was one of my favourites. The colour is such a bold red which is something I had been after for a while, as others were a faded red or more pink/orange. Probably the most popular style is the Isla Bikini Top and after wearing it I can see why. Where I purchased the top in the size M, I did have to tie the back up quite tight and I had a lot left over to make a double bow. This wasn’t an issue however, more of a positive because it gave me the option to have it tighter or more loose if I wanted. I decided to go for the San Luca Bottoms which give the fullest coverage on the back. These are extremely comfortable and stylish, they have a ruched material at the back which is very flattering.


This set is exactly the same as the red above. The Isla Bikini Top doesn’t have any padding, but I like this because it means its more comfortable to wear. Again like the red, the straps are quite long because its a medium size, but you can tighten them to your preference.

The San Luca Bottoms give the fullest coverage and a ruched material on the back.


This bikini set was completely different to the others. I wanted one that wasn’t so bright and bold, more of a pretty colour. I chose the L’Escala Bikini Top which is in a light pink colour.

The back on this one is different to the others because it was a silver clip fastening with adjustable straps to make it tighter or more loose.

The front of the bikini top is nice because it doesn’t matter if you have a small or larger chest, it still looks great on anyone. It’s also very comfortable!

The Ibiza Bikini Bottoms are pretty cheeky, as you can see here, but I don’t think they’re too revealing depending on how you wear them. If you pulled them up for a higher rise, they would turn into more of a brazilian style or even a thong, but I like how you can choose how you wear them with the ruching.


The St Tropez One Piece in this colour was my absolute favourite one piece! I originally bought this in a size S, but where I’m quite small chested, I didn’t have enough to fill up the low scoop neck to stop the straps from falling down (because of the super low back)! I changed the S for an XS and it fit perfectly, maybe a little tight on the back but the ribbed material made it 10x more comfortable.

The colour is a deep red/purple colour, it looks the exact same as the website in person however in pictures it tends to come up a little darker.


Exactly the same style as the Boysenberry but without the ribbed material, the St Tropez One Piece in Steel was also extremely comfortable. I loved the colour of this one too, the light grey was looks so pretty with a tan and really complimented by blonde hair.

The style of this swimsuit is very low back with a scoop neck too. Like the entire swimwear line, the gold plate is at the back.


This swimsuit is probably the most luxurious of them all, which is why it’s one of the most pricey. With that being said, once I wore it I completely understood because the material is an incredible quality.

The front of this one has a slightly scooped neckline with a lace up at the front. I loved this part because it just means it will fit people with all different shapes and sizes, with myself I was able to do it up quite tight to ensure nothing fell out but if you wanted, you could have it more loose.

Rather than a ribbed material, which is quite common in swimsuits and bikinis, this one piece is ruched like the bikini bottoms. The material is also very thick so it doesn’t go see through at all and is very supportive.

Like other swimsuits, the Marbella One Piece one has a very low back with the gold plate on the back.

Price wise I think that this brand is one of the most reasonable, which is crazy considering the quality of the swimwear! I think it’s great how they have so many different styles of tops and bottoms so you can mix and match depending on your body shape as well. I could definitely buy their whole swimwear range, all of the colours are beautiful and bright and look amazing on holiday! This definitely won’t be my last order from White Fox Boutique!

If you’re still unsure about styles and colours from their collection you can always visit their Instagram accounts (@whitefoxboutique), they actually have a separate account purely dedicated to their swimwear line (@foxswimwear). I found this the best way to see what they look like on everyday people as they often repost customer pictures and you can also look at the pictures customers have tagged them in!


With my first order I chose the standard shipping option as I wasn’t in a rush for them to arrive. They actually turned up at my house after only 5 days or so, which I was quite surprised at considering they came all the way from Australia. My second order was made not long before we went away so I opted for the express shipping which came within 2-3 days!

Like most places, the items travelled in the normal branded postage bag, but what I liked most was they way they were packaged inside. The swimwear came separate, (for tops and bottoms) in plastic cases which were inside multiple (depending on how many you ordered) clear Fox Swim zip lock bags. I thought that this was such a nice touch and made the products feel very expensive, looked after and luxurious.


I must admit though, I had a bit of a hassle with the delivery. I’m from the UK so when the parcel is shipped from AUS it’s transferred through DHL. At customs they add on a Duty and VAT fee on top of the price of your parcel and its delivery, which can sometimes come at a bit of a shock if you aren’t aware of the terms. If you are willing to pay extra for your products, this probably won’t be an issue for you, but if you aren’t expecting to pay even more money to actually receive your items it can be a pain. I would highly recommend to thoroughly read through all shipping guidelines when ordering to your country.

Another hiccup I had was when I wanted to return the items which were the wrong size. A lesson I learnt from ordering from White Fox Boutique was to again thoroughly read the returns and shipping guidelines!


Like the majority of online shoppers, I was under the impression that when you return your items you would receive your money straight back into your bank account (so long as the products weren’t damaged by you or had makeup/fake tan on) – this wasn’t the case. I was sent an email once my return had been processed to inform me that my account had been credited for the prices of the swimwear I returned (Store Credit).

Their terms and conditions were that they would only fully refund the products if they were faulty when the customer received them. Store credit can be spent on any item on the website and expires after 12 months (full T&C’s here). To be honest these are pretty fair T&C’s so I don’t have any complaints about my experience with this company, as all of the problems I faced could’ve have been avoided had I been a good shopper and read what I needed to read before spending (yes dad you were right, as usual). This is just a friendly heads up to anyone who is like me and just sees beautiful swimwear, adds it to my shopping bag and checks out before doing any kind of research!

I hope this post has helped anyone struggling for swimwear inspiration, I’ve had a really good experience with this brand so I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the perfect bikini or swimsuit for their holiday.

Until next time…



  • Chloe Walters Posted March 30, 2019 3:13 pm

    Hi how much was your tax and duty charges. My orders going to be £210 im scared incase its going to be a lot charges

    • Melissa Posted June 1, 2019 8:21 pm

      Hey! Thanks for your comment, from what I can remember they were a lot. I made two different orders and on one of them they didn’t charge me anything, on the other it was around an extra £90 sadly.

  • carissa wilson Posted March 15, 2021 10:38 pm

    Did it run true to size? i’m very petite and find that most bikini bottoms are too big on me:( i’m 4’11 93 pounds for reference.

    • Melissa Posted March 19, 2021 5:21 pm

      Hey! Thanks for your comment, I did find these styles were true to size yes! I wouldn’t size down because I think they would be too tight along the the seams – hope that helps! Xx

  • Abbie Jackson Posted May 17, 2021 6:42 pm

    Hey, I was just wondering how much your customs fee was in regards to your order total? I’ve placed a £90 order and was just trying to work out how much my customs will be x

  • Luna Posted May 2, 2022 4:36 pm

    Hii! I just have a question about the size, i’m always a size S in bikini bottoms. But on the website the models are wearing a XS in bikini bottom. Are they running big or small? X

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