Rome – Our First Trip Together

My 21st birthday has been and gone and one of the best presents I was surprised with was an incredible trip to Rome planned by my amazing boyfriend Adam. In the short time we were there, we managed to see pretty much every sight possible and probably every street worth seeing!

Re-live easily my funniest 4 days exploring the most beautiful city with my best friend, day by day, step by step, monument by monument…

Day 1:

We woke up around 4am to get ready for the long drive all the way to Gatwick airport for our 9 o’clock flight. Considering I had no idea we were going away, I was able to get my collection of clothes, toiletries and makeup together pretty quickly. We managed to pack all of our stuff into one big bag for the flight and one little bag as carry on – if you know us, you should be proud. It’s quite exciting having everything pre planned out for you, only having to worry about where to eat for lunch when we arrive.

After the little two hour flight, we had a private transfer take us 40 minutes to our hotel, the Rome Glam Hotel. As far as hotels go, this one was so very pretty and modern. The staff were lovely and we even got upgraded to a superior room!

We decided to unpack fully (more like I decided we should unpack fully, something I always do on a holiday), had a quick change before looking for somewhere to eat. Rome is 1 hour ahead of the UK so our tummies were really ready for food at 3. Restaurant Diadema showcases a great menu, I had the tastiest carbonara and Adam had a more tomato pasta.

The rest of the afternoon we spent exploring the streets around our hotel, accidentally coming across some of the monuments we had listed on our tour written especially for us by a family friend.

Day 2:

We attempted to get up early for breakfast but ended up arriving just before they finished serving at 10:30. One of my favourite things about a holiday though, is not having an agenda and feeling rushed to do things.

This day we headed straight to the Trevi Fountain. It was a little closed off while we were there, I’m not sure if it’s always supposed to be like this but you weren’t able to get straight to the fountain’s edge to throw your coin in, you’d have to have a pretty good aim from where we were stood!

The weather was perfect, not too hot but not too cold, so we wandered the streets toward the Pantheon – the biggest unsupported roof in the world! This is free to have a look around, when you go inside and look up to the top it can make you feel a little dizzy where it’s so high!

Our next stop was to the Colosseum, we actually saw this the first evening just before it rained. Tuesday was beautifully sunny so we joined a group tour around the inside. This was one of the things we recommend the most, the tour was around 30 minutes long and full of useful information, plus our tour guide was funny and made the history learning fun.

It wasn’t too much more money than going inside by yourself and you also get to beat the queues! After the tour ended we explored around more of the Colosseum before grabbing yet another late lunch.

The restaurant we ate at wasn’t the best for pizza’s unfortunately, this was possibly the most wet and sloppy pizza we’ve ever had!

We walked around more of the Roman ruins, we saw so much this day! We also walked through what’s left of the Circus Maximus – the chariot racing stadium which had a 300,000 seat capacity! We learnt that the Rolling Stones did a concert here and half a million people attended.

The sun was setting at this point so we took a slow walk back to the hotel. We rested our tired little legs, changed and then went back out for dinner. In the more busy streets past the Trevi Fountain, there were so many places to choose from, we settled on a traditional Italian place called el Faciolaro where I had the yummiest meatballs and Adam had a salmon pasta.

Day 3:

We’d made plans that for Wednesday we would walk to Vatican City – the smallest state in the world with only 1,000 people living there! It was about an hour walk from our hotel but yet again the weather was perfect so we thoroughly enjoyed taking in some sunshine.

Once we arrived we were greeted by the huge St. Peter’s Basilica, and decided to go for a private tour of the whole museum to beat the queues. I must say, after about and hour into the tour we soon realised this was probably the worst choice we had made the entire trip. The tour was rather expensive and verrrrrry in depth into the history of the place. We hadn’t gotten far until we realised the tour would finish at around 4:30, and yet again we hadn’t had any lunch, so we dipped out early, grabbed some sandwiches and carried on the tour at our own (much faster) pace.

After looking around the Sistine Chapel, we decided to climb the 550 (yes that many) teeny tiny winding steps to the top of the Basilica – the pictures did not do the views justice.

Mine and Adams legs by this point were exhausted, so we began the walk back towards the hotel to change for dinner.

We found this lovely restaurant around the corner from our hotel called Strega, where we sat and had a much better pizza and chatted for ages.

We had plans to grab dessert from a recommended bar/restaurant called Mr 100 Tiramisu which showcased a menu of 100 different types and ways you could eat the dessert. This place was so pretty inside, the deserts were great (yes, my non sweet tooth even liked it) and the staff were so friendly – definitely a place you have to go to!

Day 4:

Our last day.

After a late breakfast, we had the time ticking to pack up all of our stuff before checkout at 11. Adam and I are always late so it would be wrong of us to be on time, at around quarter past 11 we ventured out for our final day of exploring. Although, because we had crossed off all the remaining monuments from the tour, we were quite stuck with what to do with ourselves for 6 hours.

The Spanish Steps were incredibly busy, Thursday had brought out all the tourists and so this picture just looks like some random steps with hundreds of people just chilling in the sunshine.

There’s a pretty little square full of shops and places to eat surrounding the last stop on the tour, the Fountain of the Four Rivers. We grabbed some lunch here, yet again another pizza for me and a tomato chicken dish for Adam.

A few days before, we had passed this gelato place called Venchi. By far the prettiest gelato I’ve ever seen, we patiently waited in the long queue for Adam to grab a 3 scoop ice cream – which was amazingggg.

There’s so many flavours to choose from and the amount you get for the price is so generous. If you’re in Rome, go to Venchi you will not be disappointed!

We wandered around for the last hour before heading back to the main area around the Victor Emanuel museum.

We stopped here to share a pizza (perhaps I should’ve turned this into a drinking game, take a shot every time I have a pizza) and just enjoyed the sun beginning to set and the scenery around us.

We had to have a bit of a mad dash back to the hotel in time to change into our travelling attire and catch our private transfer back to the airport.

I’ve been to so many amazing places over the years, but the last 4 days in Rome have been some of the best I’ve spent in another country. Other than visiting the most beautiful city, I got to explore, eat amazing food, laugh more than I thought was possible and make incredible memories with my favourite person in the world.

I can’t recommend this city enough, if you go, see as much as possible – and do it by foot! Walking around between sights was the best choice we made, sure, we were tired by the end of it but we got to experience so much more than what we would have if we had explored by car. Plus, walking is free.

For those who haven’t been to Rome, pop it onto your travel bucket list! If my detailed description of my love for the city hasn’t persuaded you, I hope our pictures have.

Melissa x


  • Joyce Taylor Posted February 18, 2019 4:52 pm

    It really is a lovely city and we were lucky and stayed there a week so managed to see all of the sites that you did plus some more but still so much more to see.

    • Melissa Posted March 12, 2019 7:34 pm

      Such a beautiful city! It’s easily become my favourite.

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