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Hello everyone!

It’s 8pm on a Thursday, only two days before we jet off to pretty Hawaii and I’ve just finished packing my hand luggage, I don’t think I’ve been so excited for a holiday as I am for this one! I love going away with my family each year, but to have Brandon coming along with us is so amazing, it’ll be so nice to have him included in some memories rather than telling him all about them when we get home.
I’ve read so many blogs on this and each time I find new things or handy ways to pack my hand luggage, so I hope this helps those who struggle with what to bring in the flight!



Rather than wearing a handbag which can be difficult to carry sometimes, I’m bringing my new rucksack from Fiorelli. As I talked about in my previous post, (all about the new items I’ve bought for this holiday) this bag is one of my new favourites for its convince and storage in a medium sized fashionable rucksack. I didn’t want to bring a bag that will be too big because it’s unnecessary alongside my Bon Air Spinner, I just wanted to bring a personal bag to carry my purse, phone and passport.



This bag is ideal for storing extra bits and bobs, I’ll be bringing my everyday make-up bag and sunglasses in here too. I wanted to bring a bag that can carry necessities like a water bottle and chewing gum, things that I’ll want to reach for regularly without having to open up a suitcase!



The way I like to travel is with my white American Tourister Bon Air Spinner which is perfect for cabin sized storage. This is the suitcase brand I would most highly recommend down to the quality of the cases. I went for one with a hard outer casing because I think these are the most practical and I loved that they came in bright/bold colours rather than dull boring materials.

I can’t handle the cases with only two wheels as I always ended up being that person with the suitcase that just didn’t want to wheel in the right direction, instead it would turn around and leave me behind the rest of my family. With this case, there are four wheels that spin in all directions so no matter which way you turn, your case will go with you. This allows you to wheel it in different ways too; you can either angle it and pull from the handle behind you, or stand it up straight and push it along with the handle. I find this makes travelling far less stressful as you can move easily around the airport.

A great addition to this case is the pop-lock on the side. You can create your own 3 digit lock code to keep the items in your bag more secure, this is something that reassures me when leaving my case in the overhead locker whilst flying. To lock the case, push the zips into their slots and once the code is set to lock, change the numbers to random ones by sliding the cogs underneath. To unlock, put in the correct numbers and push the button at the top which will release the zips.



Inside the case you have two main compartments. The first, which is the bottom layer, is just an area to pack flat or easily accessible items – it also has an elasticated ribbon for you to secure things once packed. The top layer is the same as the bottom but it is covered and zipped by a divider with two mesh pockets for extra organisation.

I’ve used this case for both hand luggage and also for long weekends away as you can pack so much inside yet it’s still so compact –  it’s like a Mary Poppins bag because you’d be surprised by how much you can fit in there!



First things first, all things gadgets. I always carry all my electrical items in my carry on for safe keeping, I hate the thought of my luggage being thrown around at the best of times so to give me some comfort, I pack my laptop, phone and i-pod in my mini case – it’s also because I want to use these on board so I need easy access. Alongside these I pack their chargers, cables and adapters so everything is all in one place.



When it comes to packing a lot of things I usually bring a bag that’ll fit it all compact in one place, this not only keeps everything together and organised, but I find nothing gets tangled or lost like it would if these items were all packed separately.

The first bits I pack in this clear bag are my portable phone charger with it’s charging lead, my iPod and headphones, a charging cable with an adapter to plug into the charging port of my phone, an American plug with a general British plug and my laptop charger.



I’m also packing my Bose Soundlink Mini speaker in its case with it’s charger.



Lastly for electrical items is my MacBook Air which I’m bringing along for editing and blogging during my trip.



Although there will be films and TV shows on the flight, I pack magazines and my favourite books for more things to do. Usually I don’t touch them during the journey but I keep them for any relaxing or sunbathing during the holiday.



Something I’ve learnt from other bloggers is to bring a make-up bag full of my make-up, skincare and everyday mini’s so they’re all packed in the same place. This also makes sure nothing gets mixed up or muddled whilst you look for things in the small space you have in your seat! In this bag I like to bring hand sanitiser to get rid of all those horrible germs that are in the plane – nothing wrong with being extra cautious! Miniature versions of my deodorant, mouthwash and make-up remover are added to the bag also, along with cotton pads, cotton buds, hair grips, hair bands and a travel hair brush. I like to store tissues, tampons and pain killers just in case. I love having a bag that stores absolutely everything handy you might need in one place!



I’m sure it’s not just me who feels the cold on a plane but I make sure I keep this in mind when putting together my outfit for the flight and also any extras I want to bring in my carry on. I have so many pairs of fluffy socks and I like to bring a pair or two to keep my feet warm when I take my shoes off – they also make me feel more comfy when trying to sleep while flying.

I also put both pairs of sunglasses with their cases in my hand luggage too to save room in my main suitcase as well as any jewellery or accessories (if I have the room).



Packing my carry on luggage makes everything feel that little bit more real, that I’m going on holiday very soon! I love feeling relaxed while travelling and that’s usually down to how pack my hand luggage and what I use to store the items I bring. I couldn’t recommend this suitcase and rucksack combo enough!



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