New Year, New Makeup


Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas filled with food, family, friends and fun – I know I did!

I’m kick-starting January off with a beauty themed bang, ready to fill up my dressing table drawers full of all new makeup. These are the lovely makeup goodies I received for Christmas.

Starting off with my old faithful Bobbi Brown, I was obsessed with these the minute they launched and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. A part of the Twinkling Lights, Sparkling Nights Christmas collection, these two palettes and highlighting duo really flew off the shelves so I was glad I grabbed them when I did.



Let’s just talk about the packaging of that highlighter duo, it’s like a snow globe full of glitter when you shake it! I’m one to be fixated on highlighter, you can never have enough, so the fact this set has two beautiful colours inside it was inevitable that I’d be a proud owner. They both offer different types of glow, the Opal Glow (pink) showcases more of a soft natural highlight with a sparkle whereas the Bare Glow (gold) is perfect for building up that radiance for going out.



The two main palettes from the Christmas collection were packaged the same but just offering different colours in different formulas. Both contain shimmers, sparkles and mattes which is perfect for any eye look. What caused me to be so desperate for them were the colours, ones which were very different from the usual Bobbi Brown eyeshadow range.



Yet another palette moved into my palette drawer this month, from a brand I wish I had more of, Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam is one I’d had my eye on for a while. Just like my Modern Renaissance palette, the colour pigment and texture of the eyeshadows in this range are amazing.



I’m a newbie with anything from the ABH lip collection so I thought I’d start off small and pick up the mini lip gloss set to try out. These are mega sparkly colours which I’m very much for when it comes to a gloss. Both smelling amazing and not too sticky, these glosses have shown me I need to head to their website and take the plunge to treat myself to more of their lip products.


What did you get for Christmas and have you tried any of these products already?

…Melissa x

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