Neon Is The New Black

Hello everyone,

Supposedly, a week ago was “blue monday”, a day in January which is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. The entirety of January though is branded as the month of doom and gloom, where people feel their worst and wish the days would skip to those later on in the year. Well, to go against the norm, my January has already been a month of making exciting plans (booking a holiday, planning my birthday and getting my hands on those much sought after Drake tickets).

I’m seeing the shops attempting to lighten the general mood of the month with bright colours. The theme of 2019 at the moment is most definitely neon, one I’m happy to join in with. Here’s my take on the trend.

Hope you all are having a good January so far!


Top : Zara

Leather look leggings : Zara

Boots : Zara

Coat : Whistles

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