Mykonos – Part 2

It’s Wednesday, mid way through our holiday in Mykonos.

Sadly yet again this day was forecast pure cloud. We didn’t get up too early that morning because there wasn’t much to get up for. Leisurely, we got up for yet another amazing breakfast and then tried to figure out what we were going to do with ourselves for the day. It’s so hard trying to think of something to do when the weather is bad because you don’t want to waste the day away.

With no plan or destination what so ever, we started walking from our hotel in the direction of the town. It was the busiest road to walk alongside and the Greek drivers aren’t the most cautious, but we arrived into town and wandered around through the streets again to have more of a look around.

Once a couple of hours had passed, I had gotten pretty hungry and felt like I was running on empty – I really needed some food. On our way into town I had spotted the cutest little pastry shop that sold sandwiches, fresh pastry based foods and crepes so we made our way back there had had the tastiest lunch!

I have to say that this was a perfect place to stop for some lunch because it wasn’t a restaurant, more a cafe, so you’re not spending millions on your lunch as well as dinner that day. The food is all reasonably priced, fresh and tasty and they sell drinks and snacks. We sat outside the shop and looked out at the town before calling our hotel transfer for a ride back.

After showering and changing into some much prettier clothes, we ventured out to a restaurant called Compass. The whole entire restaurant was completely dead, there had to be around 5 customers in there, including us. It must have been the rain making everyone wanting to stay indoors, but the glowing reviews on Trip Advisor did not disappoint.

We chose a starter which sounded like some fancy potatoes with a nice sauce but in actual fact it was just chips, that made us laugh when they were placed in front of us.

I had a pizza for mains and Chloe had spaghetti bolognese.


Thursday morning finally showed us some sun, this day was forecast to be warm and sunny all day! The plans were to visit Scorpios and Namos beach clubs but these were crazy expensive, so we opted for Paradise beach club – so glad we did!

We arrived there super early so we could pick our beds, ones with the best view.

What was so good about this beach club was that the beds were free so long as you buy a drink when you get there which is so much better than around 100 euros just to sunbathe.

Once lunchtime came, we ordered sandwiches. More and more people arrived as the day went on and we sunbathed right up to about 4 o clock where we heard the loud music of the DJ starting.

We innocently only planned to head up to the bar for another drink but instead we got dragged up by the staff onto a high table and then the bar itself to dance! We were given free shot after free shot and danced the afternoon away, we were up there for about 3 and half hours!

I began to feel a little worse for wear at around 8 so we had to order our transfer home back to the hotel where we had the earliest night we’d had all holiday!


Sunbathing by the pool at the hotel was on the cards on Friday because we wanted to get as much of a tan as possible!

The hotel staff are really attentive and as soon as you arrive at the pool there are already pre rolled Mykonos Princess towels waiting for you, the bar staff quickly come along with a glass of iced water which they continuously refill all day.

For lunch we wanted to go outside of the hotel so we wandered down to the close by restaurant. One thing you have to know about Mykonos is that you’re always surrounded by stray cats, especially at restaurants and they just beg and beg for your food.

At about 4 we went inside and got changed for dinner, we were heading to the Scorpios beach club for food.

As our hotel transfer pulled up at the front entrance we were greeted by a lady who walked us to our reserved table, with a view of the below lounge area on the beach, the ocean and the sunset – it was perfect!

I ordered grilled prawns to start and then a roasted chicken for mains and it was so incredibly tasty. The staff there were really nice and helpful too, even though we had read a few bad reviews about this place, we were so pleased with the standard of service. How can you complain when you can watch the sun go down while eating a lovely dinner?

After we had finished our food, we were able to sit and people watch at our table for ages, the only time we moved down onto the beach lounge area was when the next reservation arrived for our table.

In May time, once the sun goes down and it’s dark outside, the evenings are pretty chilly so I was so glad I had brought my denim jackets. We called the hotel to pick us up around 10 so we would have time to go back and pack a little as we went home the following evening.


Our final day. Checkout was at 12 so we had enough time to pack our final things after having our last amazing breakfast. The hotel collected our bags and looked after them while we sunbathed all day.

I ordered lunch to my sun bed and ate a fresh crisp caesar salad (for the third time this holiday though) and looked out on our view of the ocean and the far away Mykonos town.

I think we soaked in as much sun as we possibly could that afternoon. We did a quick shower and change into our sad airplane clothes before going back up to our favourite table at the Sky bar.

We asked the restaurant staff if we could have our amazing fillet of beef again, as we had been looking forward to eating it since the last time!

6:25 finally came where our airport transfer arrived and we sadly waved goodbye to our beautiful Mykonos Princess hotel, the best in Mykonos.

This week seriously flew by and not long after we were back to work, back to normal everyday life.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about the fun we had in Mykonos, if it’s not on your travel list, be sure to add this pretty greek island on there!



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