Mykonos – Part 1

It was a quiet day at work when Chloe and I initially thought about booking a holiday together and it started out just a fun idea which then grew into us booking it later on our lunch break. We both had been to many islands in Greece but Mykonos was one on the bucket list, just like that it was booked and the countdown began.

You always say how fast your holiday went, especially those which are just a week, but this one seriously flew by. It must have been the sheer fun we had the entire time and the (almost) perfect weather. Let me take you along day by day an amazing holiday spent with my best friend.


I won’t bore you with all the mundane airport details because we all know what goes on there. Day 1 started after the most horrendous turbulence I’ve experienced and the short 3 hours and 45 minute flight which flew us straight into the centre of Mykonos.

Our hotel was only about 15 minutes away from the airport so not too long after landing, we arrived at the beautiful Mykonos Princess hotel.

We were welcomed so very warmly by such lovely staff who presented us a cold glass of water with a slice of cucumber and a cold rose scented flannel to, as they said, refresh us from our journey.

Once we had checked in we waited on the Sky Bar with our free welcome drinks (containing alcohol of course) while they finished off readying our room. The hotel itself is completely pristine, the cleanest I think I’ve ever seen, with all the walls and exterior painted a crisp white.

We were walked to our upgraded suite which was tucked out of the way from the pool and restaurant/bar area. It feels like your own little apartment with the most perfect view of the ocean.

Once we’d thoroughly toured the room and quickly unpacked, we changed into our bikinis and headed straight for the pool. We were super duper tired so we napped all afternoon until the sun went in and then changed for dinner.

The only way we got places was by transfer provided by our hotel. You can’t really grab a taxi whenever you want because there’s only about 12 on the whole island! So long as we gave a little notice, they were able to take us wherever we wanted for such a good rate.

We headed into Mykonos town for some dinner where we stumbled across a restaurant called Raya. I opted for a chicken and broccoli pasta and Chloe had grilled chicken.


For the majority of the trip, we got up for breakfast quite early. The next morning, we arrived at what became our favourite table in the restaurant around 9ish. We only paid for bed and breakfast but this meant we were able to select whatever we wanted from the vast breakfast menu and as many times as we wanted!

The first day I had an omelette with an avocado spread to put on the bread basket we were given as well.

We sunbathed by the pool up until lunchtime. After a tasty salad, we decided to wander down the hill to the local beach. This was literally a two minute walk from our hotel so we thought we’d spend the afternoon sunshine laying on the sand. I must admit it wasn’t the most comfortable but you can’t complain when you’re laying in the warmth of the Greek sun!

After showering and changing into our evening attire, we made our way to the 180 degrees sunset bar. This place was stunning, such beautiful scenery and was really looked after.

The taxi transfer can only take you to the top of the road where you then have to walk down a fairly steep hill and then down even further onto a sandy downhill slope.

This was not the best evening to have worn my highest heels I brought on holiday with me but you live and learn. Upon arrival you do have to pay an entry fee which does at first seem annoying, however you are given tickets which you present to the waiters when you pay for your bill, this then does allow you to take the entry fee off of your bill at the end.

There are many tables which you can choose to sit at, these are a little further away from the sunset viewing area. The main area to sit is definitely the best, we sat down by a teeny tiny table for two people to sit on large cushions.

Some might be off put by these as they had a minimum spend on them, we of course had no problems with that. The majority of the other viewers squeezed themselves onto the steps behind us to watch the sunset (these had no minimum spend but were very very crowded once everyone had arrived).

After the sunset had gone down we then walked our way back down the long steep hill (fairly tipsy) to the main Mykonos town area to grab some dinner. By this point it was pretty late but we had such a laugh with the waiters at the restaurant. I can’t even remember the name of the place because we just on a whim decided to stop there, plus the food wasn’t the best.


The next morning it was sadly quite cloudy. The hotel are really informative as the maids give you little weather report cards with a Mykonos map on and they tell you what the weather will be like that day and where is best to go. We chose to spend the day wandering the pretty streets of the main town and do some shopping while the weather was grey.

The staff at the hotel advised that the streets are like a maze and that it’s so easy to get lost – they weren’t lying! Each street looks so similar as they’re all painted the same crisp white with the cobbles painted a white pattern also.

After wandering for hours, we stopped at a random restaurant for some lunch. I had the nicest grilled chicken dish here, it was perfect place to refuel before more shopping in the afternoon.

Instead of getting a taxi back to the hotel to change, only to come back into town again, we decided to find dinner close to the hotel. Tuesday evening we didn’t really dress up much, after getting ready we walked down the hill to look at the restaurants close by to the hotel. Both had more of a lunch style menu so we then turned back around and wandered back to the hotel for dinner instead.

I have to say, the dinner menu was a little uninspiring. We finally made a choice on sharing the fillet of beef together as it was pretty much the only thing we both liked. This was the best decision we made.

I cannot describe to you how amazing this meal was. It was so perfectly cooked and presented and tasted incredible. The waiter brought out the beef and cut it in front of us, served us and then poured the tastiest sauce all over. It came with fluffy mashed potatoes with truffle oil and crunchy green beans. We finished the entire plate.

Bellies full, we headed back to our room to sleep off the good food ready for the next day.

I’ve decided to split this into two posts, see part two for the remaining 4 days of the week!

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