My Life In 2018


I can’t believe in less than a week we will be saying goodbye to 2018 and starting to call the year 2019 instead! This always brings me back to being in school and writing the date at the top of your books and forever writing the previous year. The time has seriously flown by and after a little while off the blog, I wanted to reflect on my life in 2018 before looking forward to all that’s to come in the year ahead.

January seemed like a bit of a blur to me, and to be honest, I can’t really remember much of what happened. It wasn’t until our most incredible holiday to Hawaii I really felt like the year began, I wasn’t that fussed about my birthday either because that was forgotten about by having to work. Hawaii was something special, it was the best holiday I’ve ever been on and somewhere I’d fly back to in a heartbeat. If you want to read all about where I went, head over to my travel section, you’ll want to go as soon as you’ve finished reading, believe me.



Beginning the summer months single, I finally felt better after a while of feeling so low. It was a chapter I’d been needing to close for a while and it’s one of the better decisions I’d made this year. While we’re on the subject, how about the hottest summer I think we’ve all ever felt in England? It brought us yet another series of Love Island, the Royal Wedding and The World Cup, all of which I think really brought everyone together. I remember watching both the wedding and the football on some sort of screen at work. Oh and how could I forget, I sold my first car, saved up and bought a new one!



I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time with friends and family and it couldn’t have been more refreshing.



My best friends have been there for me so much this year, I also refer to them as colleagues as we all work together, without their constant patience in the beginning of this year I don’t think I’d be where I am now concluding 2018. I’m so thankful to have all the amazing people I’m lucky enough to call my friends.



Something I wasn’t expecting this year was you. Without mentioning names, because you’ll know who you are as you read, I’m grateful for you for completely changing my whole outlook on things; I’m more comfortable in myself, I’ve been so much more chilled and have become a happier and better person because of you. I definitely didn’t imagine we’d be where we are at the beginning of the year but everything just came with ease and you bring out the best in me. You’ve made my 2018 amazing – I don’t doubt you’ll do the same again next year. I’ve never had so much fun, never thought I could laugh so much from just being together and never thought I’d find the best person for me just across the shop floor in the shoe department.



Ending this post and this year on such a happy note was important to me, I have a few goals and resolutions for next year but right now I’m exactly where I want to be in my personal life.

I can’t wait for everything that’s ahead in 2019.

Until next year…



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