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I would be lying if I said I wasn’t obsessed with the Bobbi Brown skincare range, so I thought I’d share the products I like to use on a daily basis and those I use for extra care. Instead of doing one whole post for both my morning and night time routine and overwhelm you all with product information, I’ve split it into two posts – check out my Nighttime Skincare Routine!




Most mornings I like to start off with my Soothing Cleansing MilkI usually wake up with my skin feeling quite dry as overnight it tends to completely drink up any moisturiser I put on the night before. Not only that but I can sometimes have a little redness too, the Chia Seed Oil included in the formula helps reduce sooth any redness I might have. It leaves my skin smelling amazing with the Lavender Flower Complex, and the Avocado Oils, Jojoba and Sweet Almond helps to remove any leftover make-up from the day before.


Massage 2-3 pumps into the palms of your hands (dry skin) and smooth onto your face (dry skin) in circular motions to deeply cleanse. Rinse off using warm water in either a flannel or your hands.



After cleansing, I go to my Hydrating Face Tonic, this product is the best for when your skin is feeling quite tight and dehydrated. Rather than being named a ‘toner’ which has a tendency to strip the skin of its natural oils, this one is called a ‘tonic’ which means it’s just going to add the water back into the skin. It’s made with an Enriched Mineral Water Blend and Cucumber Extract to condition and soothe. Used as a moisture magnet, I love this one to ensure my moisturiser (next step) has something to hold on to, without it I found my make-up would end up either looking dry or wouldn’t even last the whole day. This is usually because without having something to keep it on, the moisturiser wouldn’t continue to hydrate my skin or work as my primer during the day.


Apply onto a cotton pad, an amount the size of a 50p coin (you don’t want to saturate the whole pad otherwise it’ll be a waste) and smooth all over your skin.



Hydrating my under eyes is the next step, this is one of the most important steps. The under eye is the thinnest and most delicate part of the face which means it needs a cream which is specifically designed to hydrate that area – normal face creams do not work for under eyes. Different people have different skin types so it’s also important to understand what eye cream will suit your skin type. For myself, I don’t have much texture or dryness under my eyes so I like to use a lightweight and simple cream, the Hydrating Eye Cream is perfect!


Using your ring finger, dab into the pot of eye cream picking up about a grain of rice size amount. Smooth between both ring fingers until the formula goes clear, this is the right amount to apply under both eye areas. Massage into the skin from the inner corner to the outer/temples.



Right before applying my make-up I use my daily moisturiser, the Extra Repair Moisture CreamI don’t like to hydrate using a rich moisturiser but one that will add enough moisture to my dehydrated skin (dry but not with dry texture), the Extra skincare range from Bobbi Brown has a wide selection of products for those who are in the ‘dry’ category. This cream has such a luxurious texture but without the heavy feel (if you like the rich feel of a moisturiser, check out the Extra Repair Moisturizing Balmwhich means when I layer my foundation on top, it doesn’t feel thick. I also love that all Bobbi Brown moisturisers include a primer in them too! It’s great not having to do that two-step and have a product that does two things and saves me time in the mornings.


Take about a pea-sized amount and massage onto clean dry skin until skin feels smooth and hydrated.




Once I have moisturised my skin, I then move straight onto my make-up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my favourite Bobbi Brown skincare products to use in the mornings, head over to my next post about what I like to use at nighttime!



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