Hawaiian Island Two – Maui


After 6 nights in the beautiful Maui, it’s time to say goodbye. I’m currently sat on our 40 minute flight to the island of Kauai so the odds of me finishing this entire blog post in that time are fairly slim. Nevertheless, we’re quite glad we’ve left Maui today as the weather was showing a lot of similarities to the UK – skies of dark grey clouds and lots of rain. During our short car ride to the airport all of us actually received an emergency alert of flood warnings which is something you don’t want on holiday! With that being said, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the bad weather stays in (what used to be sunny) Maui and our adventures in Kauai are filled with blue skies!

Looking back on the beginning of the week, Monday evening to be exact, we had just landed in Maui. Unlike Honolulu, Maui gave us that familiar “whoosh” of warm, humid air the moment we stepped outside of the airport which is something I think we had all been looking forward to.

Once we picked up our rental car for the week, we managed to make it about 5 minutes down the road before we had to stop because I saw a Krispy Kreme shop, with the hot light on. Honestly you wouldn’t believe the size of the bag we walked out with!

Finally getting back in the car, we no idea what kind of luxury was ahead of us, The Marriott Wailea Beach Resort. This place has everything you could possibly want, need or think of for your holiday! I will be writing an entire review of the hotel, so if you would like to read more about what you can expect from the resort, keep your eyes peeled!

My dad was here in Maui for business so we shortly met up with our friends from North Carolina and made our way for dinner.

For someone who loves to dress up for any type of occasion, wearing my ‘comfies’ from our flight with my hair all in a mess and not a scrap of make-up on, I felt very out of place in this lovely restaurant. My mum and I really feel the jet lag when we travel, and although we have been in Hawaii for 2 days already I still hadn’t caught up on the time difference (Hawaii is 10 hours behind the UK) so by the time we’d finished filling our tummies with the nicest of foods, the tiredness hit me.

It was crazy waking up with yet another beautiful view less than a metre away from my bed, pulling back the soft curtains and opening the balcony doors, we looked right out onto one of the many pools in the resort and the ocean tucked behind tall palm trees.

With a desire to explore a little outside of the hotel, the next morning we got up and ready for breakfast at a restaurant up the road. Our hotel is connected to a small shopping mall in Wailea so we had the luxury to be able to walk 5 minutes into the centre and take our pick for where to grab some food.

For the majority of our stay, mum and I relaxed by another pool, Brandon and Ryan swam in the sea and dad busy with work. We all met up around lunchtime to where myself and mum had been sunbathing where we ate snacks and ordered drinks.

Tuesday evening we also had the group dinner, so we had to be ready for cocktails by the pool quite early. This cut our sunbathing short! It was nice dressing up all fancy with pretty hotel scenery and amazing views! We were moved to our own private room for dinner, however right before the food came I felt very unwell and headed straight to sleep.

The next day, after having breakfast at the hotel, we decided to have a little look around the whole resort. The clouds rolled over pretty quickly and soon turned the beautiful blue sky grey so with worries it might pour with rain, mum and I chose to do what we do best, shop!

As soon as I started looking around I couldn’t help but kick myself for not buying all my swimwear and summery clothes right here, they have absolutely everything I wanted to buy but better! I picked up a pretty and comfortable top in Gap (which was on sale!), a pair of soft shorts in Billabong (for future hiking on this holiday) and a cute lightweight jacket in Tommy Bahamas (suuuuper expensive clothing in there!). We opted for dinner outside the hotel to attempt to save money so we headed to a nearby Italian restaurant called Longhi’s.

Thursday morning we woke up early for the group trip to go whale watching. We had a small 15-20 minute coach journey to the docks where we had to board the boat. Typically, it had to rain! I didn’t bring a light jacket with me on this holiday as I don’t actually own one so I had to look like that tourist who wears the huge plastic poncho – I wasn’t complaining after it kept me pretty dry! Because of the weather, the boat ride was very rocky, so many people ended up missing the majority of the whale watching because they ended up being very sick! Those people included my brother and Brandon! I was so glad to have taken a tablet to reduce sea sickness because I think I would’ve been one of them. Seeing so many whales so close to us jumping out of the water was so amazing, something I’ve never seen before and something I’ll never forget! After the boat returned to the docks, we headed out for lunch at the Sea Scape restaurant which was so good, tasty food with a view right on the water and right next door to the Aquarium.

That night we also had the Luau at the hotel, which is usually held outside on the grass in-front of the ocean. Sadly, the rain moved us inside so we didn’t get to experience it fully at its best. It was still very enjoyable however, you get to learn more about Hawaii’s past, watch dancers perform traditional dances and eat amazing Hawaiian foods!

During an interval we managed to grab our first beautiful sunset once the rain had stopped outside of our hotel, it was so pretty! The fire dancers finished off the Luau at around 8:00pm and most people soon then went to bed – I was one of them!

We ate at the hotel on Friday as dad had more meetings and we didn’t really have much of a day plan. The morning was spent with us all doing our own thing, with mum and I back on the sun lounger trying to build a tan!

Once dad was all finished with work, we took a drive to Kapalua which was a pretty and scenic 25/30 minute drive to a secluded beach.

At first the beach looked amazing, but after trying to get in the ocean with fins and a snorkel, battling against strong waves and rocks underfoot I admitted defeat and decided to watch the boys snorkel instead!

We originally had plans to move around a couple of beaches to try the snorkelling in other places, but when we had finished at the first beach it was around 5:00pm already! Instead, we took a look around the pretty town of Lahaina and watched the sunset.

In Lahaina they have the incredible single Banyan Tree – you have to be there to believe that it is purely one tree though! Taking a short drive back towards Wailea, we arrived back at Tommy Bahama’s for the best meal in Maui so far. I had chicken cooked with parmesan served with mash potato and tenderstem broccoli – delicious!

Saturday morning we astonished the world and got up and ready for our hike around Haleakala, leaving the hotel at 7:00am (big deal for us)! The drive to 10,000 feet above sea level was long and twisty but very beautiful. We had the windows open and as we got higher the temperature certainly dropped colder and colder. Once we reached the top it was freezing – I had to buy a pair of gloves to keep my hands warm!

Seeing the views made the lack of warmth all the more worth it though, it was honestly like being in another world and the pictures don’t do the surroundings any justice. Many people set off for the day with a long hike in mind, we were mainly just interested in seeing the crater so we only walked down the mountain to about 6,000 feet before returning to the top. We’re not big hikers so the longer walks didn’t really appeal to us, after seeing the views and taking some pictures our tummies grew hungry from the early breakfast, I think that was what helped me walk all the way back up to the top – the promise of food!

I was left horribly disappointed by the food that awaited me though, stopping off in Kihei to “Da Kitchen” was the biggest mistake we had made so far. Despite the glorious reviews on Trip Advisor, which were what lead us to this “restaurant” in the first place, the food was definitely not as great as what it was made out to be. Saturday night we tried out another hotel in Wailea for dinner which was also very nice, just enough to put me in a happy place ready for bed.

Sadly, our visit in Maui soon ended. It wasn’t nice saying goodbye to such a beautiful hotel, but with that goodbye I promised myself that I would have to return – there’s just so much more to see and do! After packing my suitcase up ready for our journey to Kauai, I grabbed a quick latte in Starbucks and met everyone at the check out desk. It wasn’t long before we ended up through security and waiting for our next flight, time goes by so quickly when you don’t have a care in the world. As the skies are looking pretty grey, I’m not sure how promising the weather looks in Kauai but who cares, I’m in Hawaii not England.

See you in Kauai…

Aloha xo

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