Hawaiian Island Three – Kauai (part two)

We resume this post about our time in Kauai on Wednesday where we were all feeling that hike we’d done the day before!

Following the trend of eating somewhere new for breakfast each day, we chose probably the most popular place in Poipu and had about a 30 minute wait for a table – so worth it though, again the food was delicious!

The rest of the week’s weather forecast was pretty dull, so we spontaneously booked a very expensive helicopter tour of the island for later that day. With time to spare, mum and I caught some rays whilst Brandon went surfing and dad and Ryan snorkelled.

Time flew by very quickly (much to mum’s disappointment) and as soon as we knew it we were parking up at Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours for our 4:30 flight.

She was so nervous!

During the flight we learnt such cool information about the island, saw areas which were used for filming in movies such as Jurassic Park, Jurassic World and Pirates of The Caribbean. We also got to see a couple of whales breaching from the ocean, which was unbelievable to see from the air – not many people can say they whale watched from a boat and also a helicopter, in one trip. Feeling very lucky.

If I’m honest, its something you have to experience and see for yourself, there isn’t much I could say in this blog post to justify the views so I’ll just let you view all the amazing pictures!

Once we landed it was around 5:45 so we had some time before the sun went down. It’s a tradition on our holidays to try and find somewhere to play mini golf, and mini golf we found. Although I was the only one to score a hole in one, sadly I was the loser, but I’m blaming the lack of daylight for my bad golfing skills.

Dinner was at a cool restaurant called The Dolphin, not my favourite place to eat so far, but it’s known for it’s fish dishes and I wasn’t feeling seafood that night.

I think the previous days’ activities had eventually caught up with everyone as we were up very late for breakfast the next day, we ended up sitting down to eat at 11:30! Thursday was very grey and rainy all day but I was set on visiting the north shore again from the beautiful beaches we saw from the air the day before. However when it rains in Kauai, it pours. The 60 minute journey from our hotel to the north soon turned into a day in the car as we had to abandon our plans for Hanalei Bay and turn back around. It’s known that when it rains it can cause mass floods so they close the bridges and you can quickly get stuck for hours on end, miles away from where you wanted to be! 

After attempting to go around the extreme traffic to make it back to our hotel, our car started to lack in fuel and the more we tried to find quicker routes, the more fuel we were using. Luckily we did just about make it to the petrol station, on empty! My poor dad had pretty much driven all day so he was exhausted and needed refuelling himself – with food! When it comes to finding places to eat, we all suck at organisation, so like usual we wandered around before settling on one particular restaurant. Stopping at a Mexican place in the little shopping centre was a good choice because all of the food was delicious. However they’d had a quiet night so they wanted to close up early, meaning we felt rushed to eat our food and get out!

Friday was our last full day in Kauai and wow was it a beautiful one! Back again to La Spezia for breakfast and it was probably the hottest day we’d had so far, so we decided to spend it on a pretty beach on the west side of the island. I had been planning on doing a swimwear review on all of the bikini’s I’d purchased from White Fox Boutique so we used to beautiful scenery to my advantage and got some amazing pictures for the upcoming review! 

After we had gotten sand pretty much everywhere you could possibly imagine, we headed back towards the hotel where Ryan and Brandon did some more swimming in the sea and surfing. Once the sun had set, it was time to clean up and get ready for our final dinner – back at La Spezia!

The following day was spent quite casually and mainly getting all packed up before we had to leave. I had been eyeing up this store in the shopping centre called ‘Mahina’ all week and I finally got to go in and try on so many different clothes! I was rational however, and only walked away with 5 items. After I’d shopped, we chilled on a bench in the street while calculating what our plans were for the short amount of time we had left. Whilst sitting there I couldn’t help but hate the fact we were leaving. It’s not somewhere I felt like home but Hawaii was such an amazing place to visit, I loved the people, the food, the weather and the sights! I can’t wait to come back one day.

Once we reached the airport time went by pretty quickly and before we knew it we were sitting back in those extremely uncomfortable seats on our way to LA. 

Our time in Hawaii had gone by so fast it was crazy, it didn’t feel like we’d spent over two weeks out of the UK exploring but like the saying goes; time flies when you’re having fun, so we must have had a bucket load! Although I think it’ll be a while, I can’t wait for our next adventure!

Until next time…


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