Hawaiian Island One – Honolulu


Sitting at Tiki’s Bar and Grill overlooking Waikiki Beach in disbelief about how quickly these couple of days have gone by already!

I can see how people could live out here, just going by the little we’ve explored so far. From the gigantic green palm trees to the unbelievably blue ocean views, let’s have a little look back and talk about Hawaiian Island number 1…




It’s cold, early and very dark out but I don’t care, we’re hauling our 6 (yes 6) very large suitcases into the back of a minibus and jumping into the back seats ready for the off.

Typically, I slept the whole journey to the airport and was still a slight “zombie-state” pulling my luggage around behind me.

After checking in and going through security, we boarded our first flight to Seattle. We were lucky enough to be sat in World Traveller Plus which just means we have comfier seats, more leg room and better food/drink during the flight. Speaking of food, the main meal was delicious, the best food I’ve had on a plane so far! The menu was partially set, with the starter and dessert the same, but the main was a choice between a type of chicken curry or braised beef, gravy and potatoes – I picked the beef!

I think when it comes to a long-haul flight (this one was a 9 hour journey) it definitely makes a difference when flying in a slightly higher class than economy, you can relax so much more and the lengthy time sat in that uncomfortable chair flies by (pun intended).




After landing in Seattle we had roughly 6 hours until our connecting flight to Honolulu and surprisingly, we needed it. We ended up spending around 2 hours queuing for immigration, it was so long that our suitcases were already off the conveyor belt and waiting for us in a big huddle of unattended bags.

Saying goodbye to our luggage one more time, we then queued up for another lot of security checks. By the time we figured out our way around the airport of Seattle we probably had about and hour and a bit until boarding.

We all assumed that like the previous flight, this next 6 hour journey would also have in-flight entertainment, but we were wrong. Not only that but mum, Ryan and I were sat at the very back (the coldest part of the plane) in very rigid and uncomfortable seats. This wouldn’t stop my tiredness though, I managed to sleep until we arrived in Hawaii.



The next few hours were a bit of a blur (down to how sleepy I was). We collected all of our bags, hopped in a taxi and made it to our hotel, The Hilton on Waikiki Beach.

We decided to grab some dinner at the 24/7 restaurant before sleeping because we hadn’t really eaten properly all day.



The only reason why we chose to visit this island was because my dad wanted to see the Pearl Harbour War Memorial (and to be honest we all really wanted to as well) so, the next morning we were ready to go early.

We decided to rent a car for the next 24 hours, this made it so much easier because we could then go at our own pace and also visit other places without having to worry about the extra expenses. However to ensure we had the car for enough time the following day, we didn’t pick it up until 12 noon, this meant we had time to spare to look around.



At the war memorial you’re not allowed to visit with any type of bag (except a small camera case) so we left all of ours in the car, this later proved to be a big laugh as we were all juggling around water, leaflets and our audio headsets!



We started off by catching a short coach ride over to the military base (Ford Island) where we joined an express 35 minute tour of the Mighty Mo. This was a short and sweet tour with chunks of interesting information about the place where World War 2 ended, it was really crazy to be stood in the places on this boat which are so historic.



We managed to pick up some tickets to watch a short film with a more real in depth description of what happened before, on and after that fateful day.

After the movie is finished, you’re guided to the US Navy Shuttle Boat to take you over to the USS Arizona Memorial. The memorial is a white and very open structure placed just above the sunken Arizona, which is clearly visible to see from wherever you are inside the building. During the audio tour we listened to extra information about the battleship, most of which is so sad you’ll never be able to forget it.

After a short look around, we were ushered back onto the shuttle to end the tour and return us to the main site of the memorial.



As we left Pearl Harbour, my tiredness hit once again and I fell straight to sleep in the car journey back to the hotel. We finished off the day by having our last dinner in Tiki’s.



The next morning we had plans to hike up the Diamond Head State Memorial. We had to drop the car back at the car rental place for 12 noon so we were a little short for time. However, it was known that the hike up the mountain would only take about 30 minutes so we hurried ourselves to get ready, have breakfast and made our way there.

It was so busy once we got there, while we walked up the steep paths we were weaving around so many other tourists and then also the hundreds of people coming back down from the top.

My advice would be if you’re someone who doesn’t like crowds of people while visiting places, go there earlier – this will also make the hike a lot easier as it won’t be so hot out!



After the millions of steps we finally made it to the top where the views were beautiful! Hawaii is so green and peaceful, you almost never want to go home once you see the amazing scenery.

Walking back down the mountain was actually the hardest part, my legs went to complete jelly and the paths felt far more rocky. Nevertheless, we made it to the bottom and returned the rental car (only) 1 hour late!



We didn’t have much time after that to do anything else so here we are now sat in Tiki’s Bar and Grill overlooking Waikiki Beach. I only need to repack my humongous suitcase full of my scrunched up clothes and then we’re ready for our next flight to Maui.

See you there…


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