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Hello everyone!

With our holiday to Hawaii looming, I thought I’d share a collection of clothing, accessories, swimwear and jewellery I’ve picked up before we go. As it’s winter, finding holiday items is a tricky business, and while I did actually grab pieces for my last holiday to Cyprus, I was still on the hunt for some new bits. After searching and searching I found the perfect pieces for my holiday and I think I’m finally all ready for the sunshine (I’ve been mentally prepared for months).

I’ve organised this haul into subsections to make life far easier and so you can explore what I’ve purchased from different stores. Rather than separating products into categories (swimwear, clothing etc.) where everything will be a little muddled and out of order of purchase, everything is listed in a more convenient fashion – so if you’re just looking for specific brands, no need to scroll for days!

First up…


I purchased all of my new swimwear from the Australian based clothing brand Whitefox Boutique. Here I found endless styles and colours of bikini’s and one pieces. They’re a little on the cheeky side but they’re comfortable and such beautiful colours – I can’t wait to wear them on holiday!

I tried opting for styles that weren’t too skimpy as I am on a family holiday so I wasn’t ready to bare all! With that being said, I ordered two bottoms in the style ”Ibiza” which have a gathering effect along the seam making them a little more revealing than just plain designed bottoms (see picture below). All of the top’s fit amazingly and they’re great because they allow extra room with the straps so you can adapt the tightness depending on your body shape – where I’m quite slight I can tighten the straps to fit me perfectly. Alongside bikini’s, I also picked up 4 different swimsuits as well, all apart from one were in the ‘ribbed’ style as I found these fit me a lot better. The grey coloured swimsuit was in a plain material but is super comfy and stretches to your body shape.

After trying all of my new ‘kinis I think I may post a dedicated review of Whitefox Boutique so you can read an in-depth description of my experiences with this brand.


Whilst browsing online I was also on the look-out for some new clothing pieces. For my last holiday, I had a pair of denim shorts I found from a vintage clothing store in town, they’re Levi’s (I think) but the sizing was very off, they were great around the waist but incredibly tight around the thighs which meant they continually rose up whilst walking and as soon as I sat down I felt my circulation was being cut off! This year I wanted a proper pair, this could only mean shopping from Levi’s themselves where I found a really great pair in the sales – bargain!

I really like these for their colour as they’re not too dark denim, the light wash feel a lot more summery and look great with a tan. They fit amazingly around the bum and are so comfortable to walk around and sit down in which was a must for me.


I was also looking around for a cute denim skirt, as well as my shorts. I’ve always thought that skirts never suited me because I’m quite slim with not much shape, so an A-line denim skirt can just get lost on my figure and not really offer anything. I tried a skirt on in Levi’s which was lovely around the waist but almost seemed too long. Eventually, on a whim, I discovered the most perfect skirt in Topshop, and for a great price! The denim is quite blue, which I like, and it fits comfortably around the waist as it’s not too tight if I were to tuck anything in to it, but I can also add a belt if I want to accentuate my hips.


Last summer all over Instagram were these cute teeny tiny rucksacks and I really wanted to find one that would suit me too. When we visited Cyprus last year, I took an across-the-body bag, which was lovely but where we’re explore more this time around I thought a rucksack would be far easier to travel around with.

I love this one for its size! It’s such a small bag but has so much room inside, it has a small pouch on the front which would be perfect to store loose coins or small items that you don’t want to get lost at the bottom of the bag. There is also a larger pocket inside the first zip which is even more useful storage. The larger pocket in the middle will store the majority of my items such as my purse, phone etc.


To go along the theme of rucksacks, I needed one to fit more items in for when we go on hikes. I picked up this pretty one from Fiorelli on a whim as I was running out of time to find things, but after bringing it home I honestly love it! The feeling of the leather material is amazing, compared to other ‘leather’ bags I have this one feels extremely soft and very good quality. It’s not extra large either which is another part I liked about it because it means I’m not lugging around an extra large heavy rucksack where I end up stuffing everything under the sun in there! 

The design on the front has a small but deep pocket which is convenient. The large main section of the bag has many sewn-in compartments which is my favourite extras inside a bag! With four little pouches and one larger zipped pocket it just means I have lots of little sections to separate and organise the things I bring with me. Can’t wait to use this one on holiday!


My favourite place to shop for pretty and affordable jewellery is Accessories, they always have multi-pack sets too which is great when you’re looking for a collection of rings or earrings. I have quite a few little necklaces from my last holiday so I only needed a couple of pieces. I picked up this pretty 3-piece silver necklace which is nice for both day and night outfits. 

I love the look of anklets on holiday with a suntan, I always reach for silver jewellery so I had to grab this dainty silver one.

I also wanted some stacking/friendship bracelets. I’m always on the hunt for some whilst on holiday as I like to collect something from each holiday to be a memory. However this one is great because I love bangles but they always either go rusty or stretch or don’t fit my teeny tiny wrist! This one is fits perfectly and it a strong silver.


I only have a pair of converse for flat shoes and I was on the look out for some new trainers. I’ve always loved the NMD’s by Adidas so I indulged on this pink pair! I’m not one who wears brighter colours, or colour at all for that matter but I wanted to broaden my wardrobe selection. While I was torn between this pair and a nude colour, I opted for the pink as they’ll pick up any boring and dull outfit.

I can’t describe the comfortability of these shoes, they literally make me feel like I’m walking on clouds. The first time I wore them I felt like I was bouncing in my walk because they were so cushiony! I love their style too, originally I thought they looked a little clumpy, but once they’re on your foot they look great.

In terms of sizing, I’m usually a size 5/5.5 as I hate it when I feel my shoes are too floppy. With this style I sized up to a 6, because the material is so tight and designed to fit like a sock, it’s quite probable that after a bit of walking my big toe would end up poking through the knitted material. The 6 fits perfectly well and are completely comfortable to walk in.


I’ll say this first, I don’t go to the gym! One of the travel bloggers I follow wore a pair of luxury yoga leggings at the airport and it gave me the outfit inspiration for my long flight to Hawaii. I love being comfortable on the plane so I pretty much always look for leggings to fly in, however I hate the see-through thin material styles. The yoga leggings I saw looked extremely comfortable, but they were extremely expensive! Whilst looking for a suitable back-up option, I came across the brand Gymshark and discovered their incredible range of gym wear.

I bought a pair of their high-waisted seamless energy leggings in a dark purple. The most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn. Their seamless material is also unbelievably flattering on any figure or body shape. Where they are so high-waisted, they hug your waist for maximum comfortability. I love the texture of the material too, thick and warm yet thin enough so you don’t overheat and yes, completely ‘squat proof’ so no more worries of what colour underwear to pair with them, you can wear any colour!

What I will say is the importance of wearing seamless underwear with these leggings, where they are so tight to your body, they will show up any pattern or lace material!


I’ve had a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses before and they’re amazing! I’ve had my eye on this pair for so long (pun not intended) because of their style, they look great on absolutely everyone. I used to get the very large and oversized sunglasses and while they can look flattering on some people, I don’t think they suited my face shape. Where these glasses are a little smaller they sit a lot better on my face.

I’m a shopaholic, I can’t help buying new items for each time I go away! All of these pieces are going to be staples in my wardrobe after my holiday and in future holidays too! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what I love to spend my money on, keep an eye out on my Instagram for pictures whilst I’m in Hawaii with the items I’ve talked about!


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