Face Halo : Original White Review

I stumbled across this little miracle worker during my daily dose of Youtube videos, Australian beauty Chloe Morello’s to be exact.  She explained how this small microfibre circular cloth could remove all of your makeup with just water. As I watched I rolled my eyes, thinking this was just another con, that really she was using a cleanser behind the camera and that really this is just like a normal flannel.

It wasn’t until I ordered myself a pack of the original white Halo’s and attempted to remove my makeup that I realised I couldn’t have been more wrong. I followed the handy little instructions which were included in the package and sure enough I completely took off every bit of my makeup, with just water. I couldn’t believe how simple it was, how I didn’t use a single product and how I didn’t even need to scrub, the Face Halo left me makeup free with just a gentle wash across my face.

My face has never felt cleaner, no exaggeration, I don’t think I’ll ever use wipes/makeup remover again. Just one Face Halo is the equivalent of 500 face wipes! I urge you to get your own Face Halo, you will not be disappointed!

How To Use…

You can use the Face Halo with either cold or warm water, although I’d recommend warm. I’ve found when I’m wearing a little more makeup than usual, especially on my eyes, that the Halo needs to be saturated in water to work effectively. I like to hold it on my eye for a few seconds to soak before gently wiping away.

The HaloTech fibre strands collect every piece of makeup, even going deep into your pores and actually keeps the dirt on the cloth itself, so no makeup goes back onto your face. I hate it when you’re using a cotton pad or flannel and you’re just moving the make from one place to the next, this never happens with the Face Halo.

Always make sure you wash the Face Halo between uses. If you choose to use the washing machine, make sure you don’t use any fabric softener as this can damage and ruin the fibres, which will ruin your easy makeup removal. Include it in with your light/white clothing colours and only replace after around 200 wash cycles. I’ve found it easiest to wash my Face Halo straight after removing makeup with soap and warm water, you’ll be amazed when the cloth goes from a yucky brown/black colour back to a bright white!

Face Halo and I have collaborated in this post and I’m delighted to offer all my lovely readers a 15% off discount code to use site wide on any of their amazing products! At the checkout, use the code MELISSA15 to redeem, and within 2-3 working days your new little miracle worker will be with you.

The code is valid between Saturday 20th October – Saturday 3rd November. Happy shopping lovelies!

Click here to jump straight to the Face Halo website.

Until next time…

Melissa ♥

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