Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation

When it comes to buying foundation I think everyone knows it’s a bit of a tricky job when you don’t know your colour. I’ve never purchased from Dior before, so I jumped in at the deep end to try their Backstage Face & Body foundation.

The lovely lady did colour match me on counter where I was offered a very generous sample to try. After about 4 days of using it I knew I loved it. I’m used to quite a radiant finishing foundation, this one is more naturally matte but you could add radiance by popping on a glowy primer beforehand.

I was really loving the way it wears, too. It’s advertised as waterproof so I was expecting a whole day’s wear out of it and thats exactly what I got. It didn’t rub off all day, and I didn’t powder either.

I picked up a handful of shades (one for myself and a few for clients). While I had originally been hoping to find the perfect foundation to use on all my customers, one that was great for all skin types, I ended up loving it so much I bought one for me too.

The packaging is very similar to Mac Cosmetics’ Face & Body but with its own Dior twist (obviously it had to look luxe). It contains 50ml of product inside a simple matte bottle.

I thought it was the perfect foundation for my makeup kit as it contains no SPF. This means for flash photography there won’t be any bounce back where the face will be lighter than the body in any images taken. It’s also really affordable, priced at £29.50.

What more could you want?

Melissa x

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