Cyprus – Family Holiday 2017

Every year after our annual holiday, my family and I wonder where we should go to next. I’ll admit, we usually ask each other this question far too late into the following year when the prices have rocketed and we wonder whether it’s too late.

In previous years, we have been lucky enough to enjoy our holiday in the comfort of our own villa. We’ve always liked the luxury of doing our own thing, having our own pool and eating whenever we want. However, this year we decided to do something different and change our holiday theme.

Of all the places I’ve stayed, The Elysium is by far one of the most beautiful. With its traditional architecture, greenery and sense of relaxation; this 5 star hotel honestly has it all. I genuinely gasped out loud as the taxi pulled into the car park, driving around the huge fountain and pulling up at the welcoming drawbridge entrance.

The hotel has 5 different restaurants dotted around, some are with a menu and others are a buffet showcasing a wide selection of food. We pretty much spent our entire holiday eating at the buffet, each night they would follow a different theme with freshly cooked meals from around the world. The restaurants with their own menu also had their own prices so we didn’t eat at them often, staying at such a grand hotel obviously had extra costs! However, all of the food we ate during our holiday (both inside and outside of the hotel) were so very delicious!

For the first couple of days we pretty much lived by the pool – I wanted to build up my tan as quickly as possible as I resemble a snowman unless I have a little colour. I could really spend my entire holiday laying in the sun (mum and I are tanning buddies). My dad on the other hand, very much enjoys exploring, so we decided to venture outside our lovely hotel and go see some sights.

If you like spending your holidays exploring museums or old historical ruins then you will enjoy looking around the Tombs. However if you’re like me, after seeing the first few, I felt I’d seen them all…

Toward the end of our holiday we rented a car where we explored more of Cyprus. We stopped off at a pretty little tourist town called Omodos where we honestly ate our hearts out.
I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to food, but I wanted to try more traditional meals while visiting another country, to get out of my comfort zone! We ordered Meze to share between the four of us but it could’ve been shared between the whole restaurant! The dishes just kept coming and coming but it was amazing!

We only rented the car for two days, so we no longer had a form of transport to see more of Cyprus before we left. As a family, we rarely take part in any activities because it can usually end up in some sort of argument, but we wanted to do something fun so we booked a quad bike tour!
I shared a bike with mum and I think it was one of the funniest experiences of my life. We spent a good 5 hours driving around and about, on and off road, taking in other sights that we probably wouldn’t have seen. If I were to recommend anything to do on a holiday, search for a quad bike tour and book it! It’s such a fun way to experience more of the place you’re visiting.

I always thought as I get older I wouldn’t join my family on their holidays as I’ll want to go on my own but I really love spending quality time together in another country. Each year when we’re flying home, looking forward to picking up our four pooches and getting back into the swing of things, I can’t wait for next year and the excitement that comes with going on another holiday.
We’re very fortunate to be able to consider visiting new and different countries each year where we’ll make more memories and take more pictures to look back on all the fun we’ve had.

The Elysium…I’ll be back.

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