Curacao – Week 1

The majority of the people who asked where I was going on holiday this year didn’t have the slightest clue as to where Curacao was in the world. Much like myself for that matter. An island I’d never heard of before but one I, and I hope now my readers, won’t ever forget. 

For those of you who would like to know a little more (perhaps less interesting) information purely on the island, click here to go to my “what to know before you go” post.

To ensure I don’t bore you all to death, (I’m talking to you, dad) I’ve split these posts into two, week one and week two (obviously). Below is the first seven days of our holiday. Stay tuned for week two!

DAY 1:

We travelled for 9 hours to begin with from London to Miami, the flight was a breeze as I spent pretty much the whole journey watching films and eating food.

Once reaching Miami it was onto the connecting flight for the following 3 hours of travel to the island of Curacao.

As soon as we stepped off the plane it was your typical holiday rush of hot, humid air, something I wasn’t actually expecting at 9:30pm.

The anxious wait for our bags to arrive was soon over and before we knew it we were squashed into our rental Jeep for the two weeks ahead. The car wasn’t small by the way, just the sheer amount and size of our luggage did leave us squished.

After a bumpy ride to the Coral Estate we began our hunt for number 24 Villa Seashell. This was really a hunt too, dad drove up and down as we counted …22, …23, …29 over and over! Our villa of course was down a separate road which we passed about twenty times.

The villa manager showed us around and before heading off to bed I (as always) fully unpacked my suitcases and felt more at home already.

DAY 2:

I woke up very hungry, it was mid afternoon at home for my belly, so we wandered down the road we got lost on the night before all the way to the Karacter bar in the estate centre for some late breakfast. Honestly the prettiest view whilst eating the nicest brunch, ever!

While the villa was beautiful and had the very very basics (towels/loo roll etc) there was zero food in the cupboards. We later ventured out for our main trip to the supermarket, telling ourselves we’d get everything now rather than having to keep returning (we returned, a lot).

Once our shelves were stocked it was finally time to change into my bikini and bask in that Caribbean sunshine.

We made reservations at the Koraal bar (upstairs from where we had breakfast) for their weekly sunday BBQ, a bit of a change from our lovely Sunday roasts.

We all felt tired not long after finishing our dinner so we made a slow walk back to the villa for some sleep.

DAY 3:

There are endless beautiful beaches on Curacao, the first we visited was Playa Kalki, on the west coast. About a 30 minute drive away from the villa, we found ourselves on white sand looking out at crystal clear turquoise water.

We spent the day by this beach on our sun loungers, grabbing some tasty lunch and every now and then taking a dip in the sea to cool off.

It hit 4:30 when we decided to return to the villa, Ryan liked to fish off of our mini deck so mum and I got ready for dinner while he did so.

Another 30 minute drive took us into the capital city of Willemstad, we all didn’t realise how big it was until we got there! We ought to have had a plan in our minds as to where we were going to eat but instead we let poor dad drive around until we saw somewhere “pretty”.

The place we decided on was called DeJa Vu, the waiter was so nice here! We couldn’t find a lot on the menu to eat so he said for us to pick whatever we wanted and he’d get it made for us! Mum and I chose a chicken and vegetable pasta with a white sauce and oh my it was yummy.

Bellies completely full to the brim, we headed back to the villa to sleep off our food babies.

DAY 4:

It had appeared than Ryan had severely burnt his feet either while fishing or on the beach on Monday. While on this day we had made plans to explore the city (and had actually driven all the way into town) he was in a lot of pain wandering around.

In the city centre all the buildings and houses are painted a different colour, from pastel to brights, it’s so beautiful to see! We walked across the floating bridge to the other side and stopped for a quick drink before deciding to go back to the villa.

On the way back we stopped at the supermarket (see, we couldn’t keep away) to pick up some more provisions for lunches and breakfasts.

Yet again we sunbathed the afternoon away, both by the pool and on the hammock. At the bottom of the villa there is a cabana with some lounge chairs, a table and two hammocks.

For dinner we went to this amazing asian restaurant called Bali. It hadn’t been open long but it was such a lovely place to eat, great food and great service too. The interior was a high ceiling made out of wood and palm leaves with a modern decor. We said we’d definitely come back again!

DAY 5:

Most mornings start off with quite a bit of cloud and not a lot of sunshine. Wednesday mum and I chilled by the pool pretty much all day, only coming in for an hour to make some lunch. Even though the sun wasn’t out much in the morning, I was actually quite burnt on my back!

Once the evening came we went for a quite bite to eat down at the Karakter restaurant. This place is lit up so nicely, fairy lights hung on the palm trees and spotlights on the rocks so the turquoise ocean can still be seen at night.

I had yet another beef dish (seems to be all I eat) with a blue cheese sauce and potatoes. I headed back to the villa after we had eaten as it had got quite late and I was feeling tired.

DAY 6:

It was quite windy on Thursday and we saw lots of little showers of rain. We spent all day by the villa, with the majority of it in the cabana as it was still very warm out just not sunbathing weather.

Early evening we made our way into town for drinks at Fort Nassau which looks out onto the city.

After the sun had set, we drove into the main town to find somewhere for dinner. We parked right in the middle of the tourist area and walked 20 minutes to this restaurant called Mosa.

Ryan wasn’t in the best of moods this evening so we ate dinner fairly quickly and then left to come home.

DAY 7:

We had a lazy start to Thursday, we ate breakfast and then made our way down to Mambo Beach Boulevard for lunchtime.

There’s so many different places you could sunbathe here, different beds in different areas along the beach. We avoided the busier/more crowdy places and found a perfect spot to relax all day.

After a swim in the clearest and most turquoise blue water, we walked along to this cool bar called Chill Curacao.

The whole place is covered in signs for different businesses and places in Curacao and nearby – it was the most Instagrammable place I’d ever been!

After the food we grabbed an ice cream too. Mambo Beach is full of little shops and restaurants so there was plenty to see.

Once it hit about 4pm it got a lot more cloudy so we decided to leave the beach early so Ryan could fish before we went for dinner.

We ate at a recommended restaurant which we ended up renaming (due to mums hilarious pronunciation – I think you renamed it better, mum).

Crazy how a whole week had already gone by! Stay tuned for week 2 coming soon…



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