Curacao – What To Know Before You Go

After spending two blissful weeks in Curacao, reviewing the country for potential future tourists was easy. Without a doubt the most beautiful island I’d ever visited, get ready for my guide on what to know before you go.

Plenty of research before clicking buy on the plane tickets is a no brainer, but for some places its harder to find reliable and real information. I’m here to help you with all the minor details you may not have even thought of!

Curacao is a Caribbean island about 40 miles north of Venezuela and a country part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Pretty much everyone here speaks Dutch, and live up to the same Dutch reputation of being happy and relaxed people.


We visited in the month of August (10th-24th to be exact). However the weather seems to be the same all year round, so you wouldn’t have to worry about visiting at a certain time.

Lots of people assume that it would be a place of clear blue skies, every day you are usually welcomed with fluffy white clouds, these don’t affect the sunshine though. On good days, there are not many clouds at all! The island is always windy from the Tradewinds ( some days more than others), but the breeze is cooling in the heat of the sun and still warm at night.

The later months of the year do have more chance of rain, and we even had the smallest showers while we were there – though I found these rather refreshing during my sunbathing!

Curacao is outside the Hurricane belt in the Caribbean, and hardly ever gets hit by tropical storms, but there is a lot of hurricane activity in the region.


The number of places to eat does depend on what part of the island you decide to stay. We were in a villa in the Coral Estates which was kind of in the middle of nowhere. Lots of people like it there because it’s quiet, but it was almost too quiet in terms of restaurants. We would have to drive 10/15 minutes to reach places with more than one restaurant in the area.

In the main city however, this was obviously booming with places to eat. You could choose between places which had more of an authentic feel, or restaurants that were clearly built for tourists – either way, the food was amazing!

We ate at many places, going out for lunch and dinner pretty much every day made us experts in the food category – just not in deciding where to go.

There’s not a set style of cuisine either, we ate pizzas, pasta, steak, rice/noodle dishes, curry, skewers of meat, tapas, you name it!

There were lots of places you could go for nice drinks too, bars and small restaurants had great drink menus!

I think the only places we didn’t rate the food at were some of the shacks on the beaches, but you can’t be picky with that – its either there or nothing!

In terms of pricing, food was pretty pricey in places. However their portion sizes were huge, very similar to American portions so you do get what you pay for.


As I mentioned earlier, we stayed in a villa complex, which was beautiful! There were many many villas to choose from, some (like ours) which overlooked the ocean and others which had the ocean view but were up higher on the hills.

This villa was very expensive, and obviously with a villa you do have to buy your own food/snacks to keep in the cupboards. Also, we were very far out from any activities, we always had to drive 20 minutes or so to get anywhere.

We found that you could stay in the main city for much cheaper costs, in really nice AirBnB’s and you were right in the middle of everything!

If we were to come back again (which is definitely something we’d consider) we would always stay in somewhere cheaper and spend more money on the activities, food and drink.


There are so many sights to be seen on the island. One thing I’d definitely recommend is hiring a car to travel around, there are pretty much no buses or taxis around so it would be really hard getting anywhere without a car.

We’re a family of sunbathers and explorers so we did do a bit of both in our two week stay. If you like to relax, there are an endless list of beautiful beaches to spend your days swimming and sunbathing.

From what we saw, I would highly recommend seeing Playa Kalki beach, Cas Abou and Mambo beach for sure – those were my favourites.

For the explorers, we hiked up a mountain, played crazy golf, visited the sea aquarium and explored the city centre.

All in all, Curacao is such a beautiful place to visit on holiday and if you’re undecided, just book it! You won’t regret your choice when you bask in the Caribbean sunshine, doing so many fun things, eating good food and making the best memories – I know we didn’t.



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