Curacao – Week 2

DAY 8:

Right near our villa complex is a well known beach where a few pigs have decided to live. In the hope to see them on the beach, we drove over to chill there on Saturday. When we got there we sure saw some piggies, but they were chilling out in the mud and ended up staying there all day!

Nevertheless, we had a lovely day sunning ourselves and mum and I enjoyed dipping in and out the light blue clear sea. 

We drove all the way into Willemstad for dinner that evening, but without a clue where to eat! Dad decided on this cool bar called Bar 27 where they played live music and you could eat outside – It’s so warm in the evenings so it was refreshing. I had a tasty burger and listened to a half decent band before heading home again.

DAY 9:

Sunday meant hike day. We woke up around 6:30 where we saw the sunrise from our villa, it was raining a little at this time but it soon cleared up by the time we made it to West Point.

Mount Christoffel was in the far west point of the island, we had to go so early because they actually close the trail at 10am because it gets so hot! 

Once we parked the car we got our rucksacks on and began the long steep walk to the top. On the flat part of the walk, it was so loud with all these crickets, so loud it was actually ear piercing! I don’t think we realised how vertical this hike was going to be, before we knew it we were pulling ourselves up over giant rocks to climb.

We did eventually reach the top, but it felt very dangerous and wobbly. There were so many people up there as well, so many crazy people standing on the very edge which made mum really nervous so we made our way back down to the bottom.

When we got back in the car we went straight to a beach to relax! Known as one of the best beaches in the world by National Geographic, Cas Abou was the next beach on the list.

We ate some lunch first and then found some sun loungers where we stayed for the whole afternoon.

On the journey home we stopped at a roadside milkshake and smoothie place which was really tasty and really cute.

That night we returned to one of our favourite restaurants, Bali, for some more asian style food. I had the Thai red chicken curry and it was very yummy.

DAY 10:

Much to Ryan’s dismay, Monday we decided to wander around the city centre again in the hope to find more wall art and pretty buildings.

We did just that! Otrobanda (which translates to “the other side”) was the place to explore, completely silent and empty from all the tourists – which seemed a real shame considering how beautiful the place was.

Every single street had some sort of mural on the walls or beautiful coloured paint.

We stopped down one street where we saw a giant painting which was literally 3/4 days old, and actually met the guy holding the dog in the centre of the picture!

They owned a lot of the buildings down the street and told us they were having a street party at the end of the week.

We stopped for a quick drink to rehydrate (it was incredibly hot this day and there wasn’t much of a breeze in the city) and then wandered back into the main city centre of Punda to find some lunch.

Well we say “lunch” but it was about 2:30 by the time we actually ate!

DAY 11:

Because it was Ryan’s birthday, we decided to let him choose what we did for the day.

We went to the sea aquarium in the morning where we saw so may different types of fish and sea creatures, but after seeing the sea lion display we did decide to leave before the dolphin show because we thought it wasn’t the nicest seeing them in captivity.

Lunch seemed to be the hardest thing to decide on while we were away, it did take us a good amount of time before we actually sat down somewhere and ate.

With that being said, after the aquarium we chose to go back to the Chill bar at Mambo Beach where all the cool signs were.

As you know, Ryan liked to fish so we then went back to the villa so he could do so before we went out for dinner that evening.

DAY 12:

We’d planned the week before to visit Klein Curacao (which translates to “little Curacao”) because everyone recommends to go. It’s an uninhabited island and takes about 2 hours to get there by boat. We chose to travel via catamaran so we had to get to Jan Thiel beach by 8am to leave.

The journey wasn’t too bad to begin with but as the first hour passed I started to feel really sick, so I joined Ryan at the back of the boat to try and feel a little better.

Once we got there the water was the clearest turquoise blue and we had to swim to shore, but our bags and stuff came by dinghy.

On the island there is an old lighthouse and shipwreck so we walked to see those straight away.

When we came back to the beach we had a little while before lunch was served and then another two hours after lunch to explore a little more.

Before the boat left to go back to the main island, dad and I went for a little snorkelling but there wasn’t much coral so the fish around weren’t the best.

The journey back was so relaxing and I sunbathed the whole way back while listening to the music they played, everyone seemed to be having a party and drinking loads!

We didn’t go back to the villa to change for dinner, we just went straight out to a very chilled restaurant that was like the Curacao version of Nando’s! Straight after dinner we went to go play crazy golf in the dark, which I only went and won and was the only one who had a hole in one!

DAY 13:

This was our last day!

For his birthday present Ryan and dad went on a fishing trip really early in the morning so mum and I stayed at the villa and soaked up all the sunshine on our last day.

They didn’t come back home until a bit after lunch so we continued to chill by the villa before getting ready for dinner early.

I desperately wanted to go to dinner at least one night before the sun had set so we could watch it! We booked a table at the Koraal restaurant in the villa complex which had a perfect view of the sea and the sun setting.

DAY 14:

I had stayed up quite late the night before packing so I didn’t have too much to do in the morning, so I was able to just pack the final bits and bobs friday morning.

We did decide to walk down to the estate centre for breakfast, as we didn’t have much left in the cupboard to eat and we wanted it to fill up our bellies as much as possible for the long journey back home.

After our cases were loaded into the back of the rental car we made our way and drove to the airport for the flight back to Miami and then from Miami to London.

I didn’t sleep at all on the first flight and then only at around 12:30/1:00am (Curacao time) on the second long haul flight back to the UK so I woke up Saturday morning in the air ready to land home.

Thank you so much for reading (if you made it this far) and I hope you enjoyed seeing what we got up to on our amazing holiday to Curacao! 2 weeks was definitely enough time for me but this place was so beautiful I’d love to come back again.



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