Bobbi On Trend: Eyes & Cheeks

Hello everyone!

I’m a bit late to the party with this one, but here is my newest obsession… Bobbi Brown’s “Bobbi On Trend: Eyes & Cheeks” palette!


My eyeshadow palette collection is ever growing, I just love the convenience of having a set of eyeshadows all packaged beautifully together. The packing of a palette is something I think we all are drawn towards, so this set from Bobbi Brown had me all excited. It’s presented like a book, like one where you’re so excited turn the page to reveal the next chapter, and this palette does the same.



Not only did this contain 12, (yes 12) different types of eyeshadows but also a huge mirror which divides the palette from eyes to cheeks where the other side is a rather generous set of 4 cheek colours – two blush, one highlight and one bronzer.


I use at least one or two Bobbi eyeshadows on a daily basis, I love how easily they layer on top of one another, so swatching these was a dream. The set contains mainly warmer tones, with the addition of three cooler colours. As a girl who lives for a warm/brown toned eyeshadow palette, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t get the full use out of the remaining cool toned shades, but I was surprised at how well they worked on me!

On the back of the palette is an easy-to-read menu of the product description (sparkle eyeshadow, shimmer wash, blush, bronze etc) you’re getting with their colour names to match.



My daily blush and bronze is also Bobbi Brown so having them in one palette is so convenient for travelling (not that I travel a lot, but still). I’m also in such awe over how much product you get inside, in terms of blush, you actually get a larger quantity than the ones you can buy individually!



Where these colours are fairly neutral, I didn’t want to try creating an OTT eyeshadow look, I wanted to keep things simple and easy for everyday. Realistically, this is how I would wear my eyeshadow on a daily basis.



Until next time…


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