Beauty Bay EYN Fiery – Review

I’m a sucker for an eyeshadow palette, and if you don’t believe me, the piles of palettes in my makeup drawers and kit bag will prove you wrong.

I, like many girls, was influenced to buy this palette from watching a youtube video. I wanted to have some core eyeshadows for my kit, ones that had lots of different colours in different tones. I collected a few different ones in one haul.

This review is all about the Beauty Bay EYN (everything you need) Fiery palette, which hosts all the warm toned shadows you could wish for.

Initially I was really impressed with how they were delivered, they each had their own box and were wrapped in bubble wrap so they arrived to my house safely and in one piece. The palette itself is really lightweight and the lid is really flexible. I find some palettes are quite stiff and sturdy which makes it easier for them to break.

The formula is just as nice as they are advertised to be. Inside you’ll find 42 different warm toned pigmented shadows that are so very creamy and do not fall out when you blend. There’s a mixture of mattes and shimmers, enough to create any warm eye look.

Have a little look below at some of the looks I’ve created already with this palette. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram to see more makeup looks @melissahgraybeauty

Melissa x

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