Beauty Bay EYN Brights – Review

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I’m back again with another review of my much loved Beauty Bay eyeshadow palettes. If you’re new here, previously I have written about my love for the EYN Fiery and Going Out Out palettes you can visit those by clicking on the links which will take you straight to those posts.

Today I’m reviewing the Beauty Bay EYN (everything you need) Brights eyeshadow palette. This comes in both just a matte collection or one which has some shimmers too. I decided to pick up the colour palette with the shimmers inside, it houses 42 shades, 17 shimmery and 25 matte.

Having always been a neutral eyeshadow kinda gal, venturing out into the bright colours was a bit scary for me – I don’t wear bright colours, ever. I was excited however, after taking the plunge to go freelance, I wanted to be able to master the bright looks as well as the neutral.

Let me tell you, the colour pigment is incredible, especially for your money. You’re paying £23.00 for 42 colours with amazing colour pay off. If you’re looking to try brighter colours but not wanting to splurge on those expensive palettes, pleeeease try Beauty Bay you won’t regret it.

Again this palette is completely cruelty free and the cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable.

Below you’ll see some of the looks I’ve created with these colours. I’m loving pushing my skills to the max so stay tuned on my Instagram page @melissahgraybeauty for more looks.

Melissa x

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