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Hello everyone!

With the launch of the new Art Stick Liquid Lip, I thought I’d compare the differences between pencil and liquid, colours and formulas.


Artstick Liquid Lip (£22.00):

Many brands have brought out their own version of the ‘Liquid Lipstick’, most of which are the super drying with a super matte finish. However, this version is creamy, highly pigmented and completely non drying. This beautiful formula offers a long-wearing full coverage colour that throughout the day turns into a stain on the lips, this makes it comfortable to wear all day long with it’s hydrating creamy texture. The formula is presented in a clear squeezable tube with a slanted applicator tip which helps to apply. Available in 16 different colours (from nude to bright) I can ensure you won’t be disappointed with the colour pay off either!

One thing to bear in mind is the way to apply them. Although the slanted applicator tip is designed for squeezing straight onto the lips, I’ve found that this can get a little messy if you squeeze too much in one go! If you’re looking for precision and a clean crisp finish, try squeezing the liquid onto your lip brush and apply that way! For on-the-go users, you could squeeze the art stick onto your finger and add a stain of colour.





(from top - bottom, Honey Bare, Perfect Nude, Naked Pink, Vintage Pink, Pink Heather)

(from top – bottom, Honey Bare, Perfect Nude, Naked Pink, Vintage Pink, Pink Heather)




(from top – bottom, Lily, Azelea, Pink Punch, Hot Tangerine, Papaya, Uber Red)




(from top – bottom, English Rose, Plum Noir, Boysenberry, Cherry, Rich Red)



Art Stick (£22.00):

Designed to be both a lipstick and lipliner in one! I love this chunky pencil for its comfortability, it’s so easy to simply draw straight onto the lips which leaves a soft matte finish. The best part, it doesn’t dry out your lips either. However if you’re someone with naturally dry lips, you could either wear a lip balm underneath which will give you extra hydration, or apply a lipgloss on top to give a sheen – though, this will take your Art Stick from a matte finish to glossy. The main ingredients, Shea Butter and emollients ensure that your lips will never dry out from it’s long-wear.

A quick trick for using your Art Stick to its full potential, try it on your cheeks as a blush! Where the formula is so creamy, you are able to draw a few stripes onto the apples of your cheeks and blend in to create a really pretty soft blush that looks so fresh!

Inside each packaging and included with the pencil is its own pencil sharpener made to fit the chunky pencil.


Some of the colours in the range


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