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When it comes to buying make-up, I tend to find most people will regularly forget about the brush they would use alongside the product. The way I like to advise most people is, if you’re going to be spending your money on high end make-up then it’s definitely a must to invest in good quality brushes to apply that make-up with. Of course, if you aren’t one for splashing the cash on premium brands, then it’s not a necessity to spend a ton on your brushes either.

Majority of the time, people are put off by the price, (and yes) Bobbi Brown brushes are on the pricey side, but they are an investment that are designed to last you years and apply your make-up beautifully! One of the great features of these brushes is that they all have their name written on the handle so you can never get your blush brush or you powder brush mixed up!






Full Coverage Face Brush (£33.00):

This brush is honestly one of my all-time favourites and it works beautifully with both powder and liquid. It’s made with short, tight and synthetic Taklon bristles which applies a dense amount of product to create a flawless and polished look. If you’re looking for a brush to buff your foundation into your skin, (even if it’s light-medium or full coverage) I couldn’t recommend a better one for such a smooth application!


Foundation Brush (£33.00):

Best used with tinted moisturiser or BB cream, this brush applies the just the right amount of product evenly. Due to it’s shape, I’ve found that this brush is better for lighter coverage products, the synthetic hairs are perfect to smooth on your base making it disappear into your skin.


Full Coverage Touch Up Brush (£26.50):

A smaller, more tapered miniature version of the Full Coverage Face Brush is an amazing brush for concealer and adding extra coverage to specific areas of the face. I love using this brush for my under eyes as it helps to apply my concealer far more evenly. A handy trick is to use this brush for buffing your foundation into those difficult areas (such as around the nose) as the tapered head with thick yet super-soft bristles allow you to control where the extra coverage goes!


Concealer Blending Brush (£25.50):

Designed with synthetic hairs, this brush will allow for the precise application of concealer. I have found that this one works the best with creamy corrector and concealer for under eyes. Even if there’s not much product being used, the softness of the bristles ensures that it never drags under the eye area but applies evenly and smoothly.


Concealer Brush (£23.50):

Different to other concealer brushes, this one features a narrow and precise head with synthetic bristles for smooth application. The small end of the brush makes it easier to reach the inner corner of the eye and right under the lower lash line.


Powder Brush (£47.00):

The most expensive, but the most luxurious brush by Bobbi is for the application of powder. With its super-soft goat hair bristles and a pointed top, this brush helps to reach all contours of the face. It delivers a light and even dusting of powder to set a foundation or concealer. While it’s general purpose is for setting base make-up, its also really lovely for bronzer! The only thing about having one brush for two different products is you have to make sure you clean it between uses!


Sheer Powder Brush (£33.00):

This brush is one I could use for many things, the goat hairs and the shape fits perfectly around the corners of the nose and other hard to reach areas. One of it’s main purposes is the application of sheer loose or pressed powder as its fluffy bristles doesn’t add any coverage, just takes away shine. However, I love this brush for highlighter! The fine shape of the brush isn’t too wide for adding a glow to the cheekbones.


Face Brush (£33.00):

The short and travel-friendly-sized kabuki brush evens the application of bronzer, blush and powder. I’ve found this brush also works great with powder foundation too! It’s designed with fluffy goat hairs in a short handle. This isn’t a brush I would reach for on a daily basis and this is mainly down to the size of the handle. However, if you’re someone who travels a lot or is looking for a brush you can just pop in your make-up bag, then this one will be more beneficial than one with a longer handle.


Bronzer Brush (£38.00):

Made with goat hairs, luxuriously soft bristles and a rounded head, this brush provides an even and seamless application of bronzer. The thicker handle is also good for a better grip. When it comes to applying bronzer and if you’re looking for more of a natural finish, it’s very important to find a brush with a large, fluffy and rounded head. This is because you want your bronzer to be very blended and natural on the skin, big and circular strokes all around the face will create this look. If you want your bronzer to be more defined and contoured, opt for a brush with a angled and more dense head so you can apply it in more of a controlled motion.


Blush Brush (£37.00):

Featuring a rounded and tapered brush head with luxuriously soft goat hair bristles, this brush is perfect for smooth and even application of blusher. I find this one to be great if you want to tap the blush on the apples of the cheeks, but also highlighter or adding a glow to the cheek bones too.


Face Blender Brush (£33.00):

One of the only face brushes with soft white goat hair, this brush is ideal for applying many different powder products. For those who want a brush that simply does it all, this one is for you. With the perfect shaped head for everything, just ensure you clean this one between uses!


Angled Face Brush (£33.00):

Like the Face Blender Brush this one also has white goat hair bristles. I mostly like this brush for highlighter as its precise angled head is great for enhancing the cheekbones.







Touch Up Brush (£25.50):

Like the Full Coverage Touch Up Brush, this one works in the same way, helps to apply product in this hard-to-reach areas. Its small and firm bristles are made from goat hairs. I also really like this brush for eye shadow as it’s great for blending (just make sure to clean between uses!).


Eye Blender Brush (£26.50):

Made with soft and fluffy pony hairs, I like this brush for many things! It’s most obvious purpose is the blending of eye shadows, this one is great for adding a colour to the crease or to just simply blend and complete an eye look. Another purpose is the setting of concealer with sheer powder. I tend to find that using the Powder Brush is too big to set the hard-to-reach areas such as the under eyes and around the nose. 


Eye Sweep Brush (£26.50):

This brush is a good all-around eye shadow brush. The soft goat hairs make it easy to apply powder eye shadow all over and to blend on the lid. I mainly like this one for applying a base colour to the eyelid. If you’re someone who likes to always apply a base colour to your lid, this one is great because it can do the motion in one big sweep, saving the constant in-and-out of the eye shadow.


Eye Shadow Brush (£25.50):

Very similar to the Eye Sweep Brush only made with soft pony hairs. This brush expertly applies powder eye shadow from the lash line to the crease. This brush is lovely to use on any eye shapes as it never applies too much product, it gives you the chance to apply a little before building up the colour. The looseness of the bristles also allows you to use it as a blending brush in the crease!


Angle Eye Shadow Brush (£25.50):

Made with small and condensed pony hairs, this brush can be used in the crease and all over the eyelid to smudge and contour. I’ve liked using this one to smudge under my lower lash line as the size of the angled head ensures I don’t apply too much shadow under there.


Cream Shadow Brush (£25.50):

My favourite brush for applying and blending cream eye shadows is definitely this one, I love the tapered round edge and how small and condense the synthetic bristles are. This brush is also great for concealer, especially for those who have less space under the eye as you’re not going in with a big brush which can sometimes apply too much product.


Eye Smudge Brush (£25.50):

I think that this brush is the most handy to have out of them all, no matter what eye look you’re doing! The soft and flexible pony hairs are great to smudge any powder eye shadow. I use this brush everyday to smudge a neutral colour under my lower lash line for definition, but this one is also perfect for smokey eyes. I’ll always use this brush to finish off my eye look by applying a slight amount of highlighter on my brow bone.


Eye Contour Brush (£26.50):

Similar to the Eye Blender Brush, this one is great for blending and smudging colours in the crease. Perfect for pairing with medium to dark eye shadow colours, you can add definition to any eye look with the help of the soft pony hairs in this brush.


Eye Shader Brush (£26.50):

This one is great for adding colour to the lid in a ‘one-sweep’ motion. With super soft bristles but a dense flat head, it holds more shadow than the traditional Eye Shadow Brush.


Eye Definer Brush (£25.50):

A blend of both pony and synthetic bristles makes it great for precision. I love this brush for sparse brows as it’s ideal for strengthening the definition of the brow but in a natural way. Best used with powder eye shadow as you have control over the application, creating your perfect shaped brow.


Eye Brow Brush (£25.50):

Perfect for powder eye shadow or gel, this brush is best used on eye brows. It gives a comfortable, smooth and easy application which makes it quick to define your brows.


Dual-Ended Brow Definer/Groomer Brush (£26.50):

Without a doubt my favourite brush for doing my brows. I love the addition of the groomer on the other end of the handle which makes it easier to soften my product and brush out any uneven hair. The angle of the definer brush allows me to create a defined yet natural brow look.


Eye Liner Brush (£23.50):

For someone who has a lot of space on their eyelid, this brush is great for applying liner along the lash line. However for those who don’t have much space or want a precise line, I’d select a different brush. Its thin, flat and firm synthetic bristles mean it’s also really great for applying lipstick/lipgloss.


Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush (£23.50):

I have to say, this brush is my absolute favourite when using gel eyeliner. The dense, flat and synthetic bristles allow for a smooth and even application. This brush is perfect for using in the waterline (using the flat side to brush along) and also to create a fine precise line along the eyelashes (using the thin side to press against lashes).


Ultra Precise Eye Liner Brush (£23.50):

Very similar to the Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush just with a more pointy end. I like this brush for creating that very fine line along the lashes. For those who don’t have that much space along the eye, this brush will allow you to draw the eye liner with more precision. However, this brush isn’t the best for the waterline as it can be quite pokey.


Smokey Eye Liner Brush (£25.50):

This brush is the absolute best for a smokey eye! With a blend of Ox and pony hairs, and a small, dense head, I couldn’t think of a better brush for smudging along the lash line or smudging out my eye liner!


Retractable Lip Brush (£23.50):

Perfect for on the go! Apply your lipstick or lipgloss with precision and use your protective cap to keep the bristles in place and make it easier to pop into your make-up bag. The lid of the brush can be used to make the handle longer, which makes application easy.






Looking after your brushes is very important, especially if they are more expensive branded brushes! This is because not only are you prolonging the life of them, but you are also ensuring they are applying your make-up to the best of their ability. You can’t expect your buffing brush to apply you foundation smoothly if it’s embedded with dried up liquid! Another reason is also to look after you skin, brushes can hold bacteria which you will be putting on your bare face whenever you apply your make-up. Just think of how much dirt is stuck in between those bristles!

I like to explain it by comparing your natural hair brushes to your own hair on your head. If you use poor quality shampoo/conditioner, you won’t get the best results – same goes for your brushes!


Conditioning Brush Cleanser (£12.00):

The Conditioning Brush Cleanser is an amazing product to use to deeply cleanse your brushes and remove all remnants of make-up safely without damaging the brush.

How To Use:

Above a sink, squeeze a small amount of the cleanser in to the palm of your hand. Take your brush (synthetic or natural hair) and swirl in a circular motion until it turns into a lather. Once the whole brush is coated in the conditioner, swirl the brush under warm water until all the make-up and bubbles are gone. Squeeze out the excess water. Repeat for all of your brushes – face and eyes. Leave your brushes to dry, making sure the heads of the brushes are over the edge of your side (this makes sure no water is settling where the brush is rested on the side, this can overtime loosen the bristles and affect the drying time).
Repeat this cleaning process every 2-3 weeks. For foundation brushes, repeat once a week.






  • Aimee Posted March 21, 2023 7:52 am

    Thank you so much for this post and detailed use of BB brushes. After trying many brands including Sigma, Morphe, MAC and Real techniques the best brushes and the softest for application are by far Bobbi Brown. I have been building my collection getting advantage of sales here and there.

    • Melissa Posted April 25, 2023 1:19 pm

      They are expensive aren’t they! But definitely the best quality 🙂

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